A morning full of English for children

What is the Fun Day?

Through the morning, the Kids&Us schools hold educational and unique activities 100% in English developed by our content creators.

The aim of the Fun Day is to allow children to continue to be in contact with English outside the classroom. These days are also open to children who have yet to enrol in a Kids&Us school.

What do they consist of?

Fun Day is a morning full of English activities exclusive to Kids&Us; various Fun Days are held throughout the year. These days combine fun and language learning during non-school days, which are likely to be working days for families. They consist of the following activities:

Little Chef
Cooking workshops in English designed for children to experiment with food and try new flavors from the Anglo-Saxon culture.
Storytelling workshop that shares with the little one's familiar stories that encourage them to interact with the characters.
Games and crafts
Crafts and gross motor activities in English adapted to each age group that encourage the imagination of the youngest children.

Information on the morning-long experience:

  • Ages: this camp is aimed at children ages 3 to 10, whether Kids&Us students or not.
  • Groups: maximum 8 students per group and teacher.
  • Calendar: each school has their own calendar and activity timetable. Contact the school to find out more.
  • Duration: 4 hours

Take a look for yourself!

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