Talking Pen

The pencil that talks while you learn

With the Talking Pen, children will learn to pronounce English in a fun and entertaining way.

You only have to place the Talking Pen on the little stars that appear in the Kids&Us stories to read the text and the characters come to life.

Why use the Talking Pen?

Download the sound files of all our products

We know that not all mothers and fathers have a sufficient level of English to be able to read a story to their children with good pronunciation, good diction and proper intonation. For this reason, the Talking Pen ensures that children have exposure to impeccable English. The Talking Pen allows reading the story in English to be a pleasant and relaxed moment to enjoy with the family. It is perfect for those mothers and fathers who want to offer their children contact with English through stories.

The Talking Pen can be used with or without headphones. It has a 4GB memory that allows you to store a large number of books.

Download here the audios to use the Talking Pen

The Talking Pen must be connected to the computer, as if it were a USB, and the downloaded files must be saved inside the AP4 folder of the Talking Pen.

Below you will find all the instructions and sound files for each of our products:

Talking Pen

Instructions Talking Pen

Audios Babies 


Mousy-course material Instructions

Mousy-course material Audio

Mousy’s Cards Instructions

Mousy’s Cards Audio

Mix, mix, mix! Instructions

Mix, mix, mix! Audio

Peek-a-boo! Instructions

Peek-a-boo! Audio

Linda-course material Instructions

Linda-course material Audio

Linda’s Cards Instructions

Linda’s Cards Audio

Linda and Bunny's Playroom Instructions

Linda and Bunny's Playroom Audio


Audios Kids

Sam - Sticker Book

Emma - Sticker Book

Oliver - Sticker Book

Marcia - Sticker Book

Pam&Paul - Sticker Book

Ben&Brenda - Activity Book

Ben&Brenda - Student Book

Betty Sheep

Instructions Betty Sheep play with animals

Instructions Betty Sheep play with colors

Audio Betty Sheep Seasons

Audio Betty Sheep Colours

Audio Betty Sheep Week

Audio Betty Sheep Numbers

Audio Betty Sheep's family and other animals

Audio Betty Sheep Snow surprise

Audio Betty Sheep Card Game with colours

Audio Betty Sheep Card Game with animals


Instructions Baby Book Play&Learn with colours

Instructions Baby Book Play&Learn with numbers

Audio Baby Book Play&Learn with colours

Audio Baby Book Play&Learn with numbers

Many Monsters

Nori Noisy

Frankie Frickle

Sally Senses

Wesley Wimp

Gina Ginger

Audio Gina Ginger and Charlie Chives - The perfect pet

Audio Gina Ginger and the colour fairy

Audio Gina Ginger and Charlie Chives - The fancy dress dilemma

Audio Gina Ginger and her sleep fairy

Audio Gina Ginger and the food fairy

Audio Gina Ginger and the Christmas fairy


Listen&Touch 1

Listen&Touch 2


Superkids Comic

Superkids Comic


Instructions Bed Time & Bath Time Puzzle

Audio Bedtime & Bathtime Puzzle